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Title:- Ravidass Thakur Bani Aai

Author : -
Soma Attri ‘Radha’

Dera Swami Jagat Giri Trust publishes this book on Shree Guru Ravidass’s 630th birth anniversary under the ages of Great Saint Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdip Giri Ji (Chairman of Dera Swami Jagat Giri Trust & Gaddhi Nashin Dera swami Jagat Giri Pathankot). Mrs. Soma Attri ‘Radha’ writes it. This book is a religious book. The aim of this is to give the authentic and universe knowledge of the life and greatness of Satguru Ravidass Ji. It removes superstitions and remours about guru “ Ravidass Thakur Bani Aai” is a sentence from Holy Book “ Shree guru Granth Sahib “ . Writter of this line is Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji . According him guru Ravidass Ji was a Thakur means a God for those people especially scheduled and backward classes. It shows a real picture of coming high castes people who ultimately bow Guru Ravidass lastly and accept him – Guru of all Thakur, greatest sadhu and freedom fighter.


Kaise Pooj Karhi Teri Dasa
Author : - Soma Attri ‘Radha’

This book rejects materialistic ways of worship. Guru Ravidass’s philosophy to get God, the man should devote his everything to him and trust him. Simran and true duty is a real Aarti of god. God is one and none is like him. If we worship god without self-interest then we can feel him everywhere. Murti Pooja, Different Bhog, Dhoop, Hawan etc. are only falshable and untruthable ways to worship. This book is completely based on theory of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji who is the founder of Sant philosophy.



Title: -
Mere Rehber
Author: - Mrs. Maninder Kamali

This book is related with brief history of Dera Swami Jagat Giri, life history of related Gaddi Nashin Gurus. It is the first book, which is published by Dera Swami Jagat Giri Trust Pathankot. Maninder Kamali wrote her unforgettable memories with Rehber – Swami Gurdip Giri Ji in a simple and interesting way. She herself visited related places, persons and cities to collect real facts about this Dera. It is available in Punjabi and Hindi Both Languages.


Title: -
Mere Hazoor Maharaj
Author: - Sant Prem Dass Ji

It is related Gaddi Nashin Maharaj Shri Shri 108 Swami Gurdip Geri Ji who is a very lovable and worshipable personality and a revolutionary sant. Swami Gurdip giri Ji is an all rounder sant. He inspired children to educate, elders to live corporately, ladies to be strong, youth free from every type of addiction and give the message of integration. He says to chablity is a curse for Indian society. It must be avoided.


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