Dera Swami Jagat Giri is situated near Guru Ravidas Chowk, New Chakki Bridge Pathankot Distt. Gurdaspur, Punjab. Dera on one side of the river Chakki enhances the beauty of Dev Bhoomi, Himachal Pradesh where as on other side of the river is Guru Ravidas temple, Taposthan (place for meditation) which decorates the land of great saints and sikh gurus of the Punjab. Chain of small hillocks adds the beauty of Dera. Dera is famous and have followers not only in India but also in various parts of the world. The foundation of Dera Swami Jagat Giri at Pathankot is based on the principles of equality and universal brotherhood.

Under the dynamic and spirtual guidance of Sri Sri 108 Swami Gurdip Giri Ji Maharaj dera is committed to pursue social as well as religious and spiritual activities. Because of the popularity, followers of the dera have increased many folds during the last two decades. Based on Guru Ravidas Ji Maharaj's gurubani (preaching’s) Swami Gurdip Giri Ji is teaching simple and easiest way of worship. Dera organize periodical free medical camps and eye operations. Free education is provided to poor and downtrodden children. Mass marriages for poor girls are arranged.

To spread the message of universal brotherhood and religious unity among masses, for the first time in Dera history, a journey by special train was arranged for the devotees from Jammu Tawi to Varanasi (birth place of Guru Ravidas) on 30th Mar 2003.This journey has increased not only the religious wisdom but also vision towards the fellow human beings. Whole of the community have applauded and thanked the Dera and Swami Ji for taking such an initiative.

Dera under the patronage of Swami Jagat Giri Ji Trust is successfully running four schools to impart quality education for overall development of the children. The main aim of the Dera is to enlighten the inner conscious of the general masses so that they can be shown the light of God to illuminate their own lives by adopting the path of purity. The message of Sadguru is spread through conducting religious discourses at various places, books and monthly magazine "DEEP PRAKASH" published by Dera.